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Types of Pacemakers

Pacemaker Types for Bradycardia


Depending on your heart condition, your doctor will prescribe either a single or dual chamber pacemaker. This refers to the number of heart chambers that need to be paced or sensed.

For single chamber pacing, either the right atrium (upper chamber) or the right ventricle (lower chamber) is paced. Only one pacing lead is used.

For dual chamber pacing, both the right atrium and right ventricle are paced. This requires two pacing leads. One lead is placed in the right atrium, and the other lead is placed in the right ventricle.

Based on your unique cardiac condition and other health needs, your doctor may choose a pacemaker engineered that are MR Conditional and FDA approved for safe use in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environment. The designation “MR Conditional” means your implanted pacemaker has been shown to pose no known hazards in a specified MR environment with specified conditions of use.

Illustration of Implanted Pacemaker

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