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Heart Health

Cardiac Services – Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment

Broad Experience, Comprehensive Expertise

At Heart, Vascular & Vein of Tampa Bay, we offer a highly dedicated and compassionate team for comprehensive consultation, including appropriate testing and treatment for all heart conditions. Many tests for heart health can often be performed right here in our offices.  More complex procedures are performed by our physicians at top regional hospitals, including  Tampa General Hospital, South Bay Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Brandon Regional Hospital and AdventHealth Hospital in Tampa.

We utilize the most sophisticated equipment and techniques to diagnose manage and treat heart and vascular disease. Our services include the full spectrum of invasive, noninvasive and surgical procedures.

Some of the more common services include:

Chest pain evaluation which may be due to the heart artery blockage
Palpitations due to the heart racing fast
Unexplained stroke
Unexplained fainting
Heart valve disease both narrowing and leakage
Angina pains which are chest pains due to blockages in the heart
Heart attack
Passing out which could be due to heart rhythm or valve issues
Atrial Fibrillation
Heart rhythm problems
Shortness of Breath which may be due to heart issues
Pacemaker and Defibrillator Monitoring
Congestive Heart failure due to a damaged heart muscle
Hole in the heart that causes strokes or mini strokes

Pioneering Heart Treatments

From accurate diagnosis, tailored treatment, minimally invasive surgical options, recovery and rehabilitation resources and/or an emergency intervention – Heart Vascular & Vein of Tampa Bay is here for you every step of the way. We offer same- or next-day appointments

Dr Tamboli recognizes the paramount importance of a healthy lifestyle. In order to assist his patients for that goal the office can assist you in setting up appointments at the office with a registered dietitian and a certified  diet coach who can guide you with a customized diet plan and a change in your eating habits with  personalized coaching and accountability. Ask us about these services.




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